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Multiple Experiences, Free to Switch

This is a platform that allows you to switch between cloud and taste experiences at any time. Here, you can feel the
richest product experience by simply replacing the different coils. At the same time, it will give you a more economical way to feel the most diverse product. Once you try it, you'll love it !


 Device kit:DRAG M100SDRAG 4Argus gt Ⅱ ...


Born to be powerful

TPP PLATFORM is our professional device system, designed to create a more powerful product experience. The new MESH Tech delivers a more powerful performance and richer taste, with faster heat-up, even heating, and richer taste.
resolution than regular MESH cores. Whether it's a big cloud or taste, you'll find more fun here.


 Device kitArgus gt Ⅱ 、Argus MT/XT 、Drag s ...


Innovative · Tasty · Optimal

VOOPOO ITO PLATFORM is an system for MTL user,designed to give you the ultimate sensory product experience.
The new mesh tech delivers multiple MTL taste. You 're free to switch from fragance to taste by simply replacing the different ITO coils.
Try it, and find the pleasure of MTL !


 Device kit:Drag Q 、Doric Q ...


Your usage experience may vary with the changes of compatible kit listed above,which are simply provided for reference.

We suggest the original kit for the best usage enjoyment because each unique original kit was meticulously designed for the best user experience.

More products Welcome to the VOOPOO offical storehttps://shop.voopoo.com/

Offical store service email : service@voopoo.com

  Thanks for reading and wish you a nice experience with VOOPOO!

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