• 1.Can Not Turn on

    Make sure the battery have power.
    Try turning on the device when charging.

  • 2.Can Not Fire

    Clean the tank/pod/auto sensor and the device.
    Change other pods/tanks or coils.

  • 3.Leaking

    Make sure the coil is correctly installed.
    Change other coils or pods to have a try.

  • 4.Can Not Charge

    Clean the charging port and the cable.
    Change other batteries and the charging cable.
    Charge the device for at least 2 hours if it hasn’t been used for a long time.

  • 5.Lower Power/Auto-turn off/Check Battery

    It is recommend to use high - rate battery, with discharge current > 30A or higher drain battery.
    Please use the coil with higher resistance to see if have same issue.
    If above problem still exists, please contact us by email:

  • 6.Check Atomizer

    Please clean the MOD/Pod/Cartridge electrode/510 connector and check if the pin in the MOD is flexible.
    Please clean E-juice or condensate inside the auto sensor/MOD/Tank.
    Do not screw the MOD 510 connector tightly. Please rotate the Pod 180 degrees or change other coils/pods/tanks to try.

  • 7.Burning Smell

    When using the new coil, fill e-liquid to completely soak the coil and let it sit for 5 minutes at least before vaping .
    Make sure to use the coil within wattage range.
    Change a new coil if it has been used for a long time

  • 8.Button Problem

    Press the button harder and make sure the device is unlocked.
    Restart the device and then press the buttons again.

  • 9.Resistance Reading Error

    Change other coils/pods/tanks.
    Make sure the coil is Voopoo product.

  • 10.Can Not Upgrade

    Make sure the cable is original and the system of your computer is Windows.
    Try the type-c cable with both the upside and downside.
    Make sure the battery of your device is over 60%.