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 VOOPOO VINCI 2 Kit 1500mah 6.5ml Pod Cartridge Pnp Coil Vape VM1 TM2 SRBA Vaporizer

VINCI 2 Kit is the newest Pod Mod Kit of VINCI Series. The Mod adopts "single grain, single coating" process to provide wear-proof, anti-shock, oil-proof, dust-proof and fingerprint-proof. It also incorporates 3D heat bending technology, which can enhance its durability. The built-in 1500mAh battery can charge up quickly via the Type-C port. VINCI 2 Kit adopts an upgraded Gene.AI 2.0 chip, the power can up to 50W. It supplies dual UI screen, puff record, VW/SMART/RBA Mode to satisfy your vaping needs. VINCI 2 Pod features 6.5ml capacity. The innovative infinite airflow system supports the regulation of any size of airway. Compatible with all PnP Series coil, VINCI 2 would bring massive clouds and MTL/RDL experience.


1. 3D heat bending technology, durable Zinc Alloy & PCTG frame
2. Built-in 1500mAh battery, 50W max output power
3. Newest Gene.AI 2.0 Chip
4. Dual UI screen, puff record, VW/SMART/RBA Mode
5. Innovative infinite airflow, MTL/RDL vaping
6. 6.5ml transparent Pod, leak-proof system
7. 1.08" TFT Color Screen shows vaping data
8. Compatible with all PnP Coils
9. Sensitive auto/manual modes
10. Multiple protections: Overtime/Short-circuit/Overcharge/Output Over-current/Over Discharge/Max Power/Battery Reverse Protection


Product Name: VINCI 2 Kit
Material: Zinc Alloy & PCTG
Capacity: 6.5ml
Screen: 1.08" TFT Color Screen
Battery:built-in 1500mAh
Output Power: 5-50W
Output Voltage: 3.2~4.2V
Chipset: Gene.AI 2.0 Chip
Resistance : 0.15~3.0Ω
Coil Resistance: PnP-VM1 Coil (0.3Ω, 32-40W); PnP-TM2 Coil (0.8Ω, 12-18W)
Color: Velvet Blue, Pine Grey, Dazzling Line, Carbon Fiber, Neon

Package includes:

1* VOOPOO VINCI 2 Device
1* VOOPOO VINCI 2 Pod (6.5ml)
1* PnP-VM1 Coil 0.3Ω
1* PnP-TM2 Coil 0.8Ω
1* Type-C Cable
1* User Manual


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  • Atomizer & Pod & Coil

    1.Clean the Pod and Mod connection part regularly. Please take out the Pod, and shake the Mod downwards which may reduce the condensation of fluid leaking into the Mod.
    2.What are the right steps to use pod ?

    When a new coil is installed, fill e-liquid(suggest 70% full) to completely soak the coil and let it sit for 5 minutes before vaping.
    Make sure to use the coil within wattage range, so please kindly adjust your device to lower wattage before vaping in case of burning the coil.
    Change a new coil if it has been used for a long time since you had better change a coil after 5-6 times refilling, which will reduce the leakage and give you a better vaping experience.

    3.How to use the rubber plug?

    Please open the rubber plug gently first. After filling pod with e-liquid, make sure the rubber plug is installed correctly. If not, it will lead to e-liquid leakage.

    4.What is the best way to store Pod when not using it ? 

    It is best to fully charge the mod and take out the pod and put it upside down to avoid e-liquid leakage and keep children out of reach.

    5.Pod and Coil compatibility

    Please kindly notice that PnP pod can only use PnP coil and TPP pod can only use TPP coil.

  • Coil Burnt Issue

    It may be caused by the following:

    Improper vaping setting of power
    Didn't prime coil before vaping 
    Lack of e-liquid in the core
    Improper percentage of PG:VG of the e-juice
    Too frequent Vaping
    Defective coils


    Please try to inhale for several puffs without powering-on while using a new coil or let the pod sit for about 5 minutes after filling.
    Recommend using higher PG juice such as 70:30 or 60:40 and less sweetener e-juice when the coil is less than 0.6ohm.
    Please prime the coil with a low wattage for the first several puffs.

  • Leaking issue--Leaking into the mod while vaping

    Possible Causes of Leaking:

    Refill the e-liquid in an improper way. 
    Orings, refilling pad glass, and cotton is not in good condition.  
    Vaping setting is improper.
    Coil issue.
    Sitting for a long time after refilling.
    Improper percentage of PG:VG of the e-juice

    Suggestions & solutions for leaking issue:

    1. Before Vaping
    Make sure o-rings, seal and glass are all good and everything is tight.
    When you use RBA coil, make sure the cotton is well stuffed.
    You can also take it all apart and screw the coil into the base nicely and then screw the top part on to make sure it's all tight and the seals are perfect.

    2. When Filling:
    Make sure the coil bottom capes are clamped all the way down and make sure air holes are closed when refilling. 

    Make sure the atomizer has been cooled down when you refill the tank because the liquid flows faster when the atomizer is hot. 
    Please finish refilling as soon as possible.  

    3. While Vaping:
    Please try to vape at an appropriately high wattage which is recommended on the coil during vaping. It may encounter the leaking issue if the liquid on the coil hasn't been atomized on time with lower wattage.
    Besides, please close all the air holes and take the pod down from the device when you do not use it.

  • Leaking issues-Leaking into the mouth while vaping

    Possible Causes of Vape leaking into the Mouth:
    Vaping setting is improper
    Coil issues
    Sitting for a long time after refilling
    Too much condensate on the POD

    Suggestions & solutions:

    Please try to vape at an appropriately high wattage which is recommended on the coil during vaping. It may encounter the leaking issue if the liquid on the coil hasn't been atomized on time with low wattage.
    Please do not make the pod sit for a long time since the cotton will absorb liquid or condensate on the POD and will split from the mouthpiece while you inhale it. In this case, please take out the pod, and shake it downwards to reduce the condensation or change a new coil directly.

  • Atomizer Checking Issue

    1. Please use a alcohol cotton swap to wipe the cartridge electrode and the tank pin.
    2. Do not screw the MOD 510 connector tightly, and wipe the electrode position of the MOD 510 connector.
    3. Please try at least 2 tanks to check if the problem is caused by MOD or Tank.

    1. Clean the MOD/Pod golden pin and check if the pin in the MOD is flexible or not.
    2. Please use a alcohol cotton swap to clean E-juice or condensate inside the auto sensor/mod.
    3. Please rotate the Pod 180 degrees or change other coils to check if the problem is caused by MOD or Tank.

  • Low Power Issue

    1.It is recommend to use high - rate battery, with discharge current > 30A or higher drain battery.
    2.Please use the coil with higher resistance to see if have same issue.
    3.If above problem still exists, please contact us by email:

  • Auto-mode Not working

    1.Please inhale harder and use it under airflow closing, normally it will works better in auto mode.
    2. Please take out the pod, and shake the mod downwards to reduce the condensation blocking the auto sensor.
    3. Please use an alcohol cotton swap to clean the auto sensor.

  • Not Turning On(built-in battery)

    1.Charge the device for at least 2 hours and press the on/off button to see if the device can turn on.
    2.Connect the device with the charger, and please make sure the charger can normally charge other devices, and see if the device can turn on.

  • Not Turning On(external battery)

    1.Clean the electrode of the battery and the battery cover, as well as the pogo pin.
    2.Try at least 2 batteries/ 2 set of batteries in the device, and make sure the batteries can work well.
    3.Put the batteries in the device, then connect the device with the charger to see if the device can turn on.

  • Not Charging(built-in battery)

    1.Clean the charging port and the cable.
    2.Charge the device for at least 2 hours and press the on/off button to see if the device can turn on.
    3.Change a brand charger and cable to try and see if the device can be charged.
    4.If above problem still exists, please try to contact us by email:

  • Not Charging(external battery)

    1.Clean the electrode of the battery, the battery cover and the charging port, as well as the pogo pin.
    2.Charge the device for at least 2 hours and press the on/off button to see if the device can turn on.
    3.Change a brand charger and cable to try and see if the device can be charged.
    4.Use an external charger to charge the batteries and see if the batteries can be charged.
    5.If above problem still exists, please try to contact us by email:

  • High Temperature Warning

    When you are vaping, it may give a "Temp High" warning: 
    1.continuous vaping for more than 8s.
    2.use high wattage power to vape for a long time, so the temperature reaches above 80 degree.

    Suggestions & Solutions:

    1.Please turn off the device.
    2.Please take out the batteries (if it's replaceable) and let the device cool for 15 minutes.

  • "Ohms Too Low" or "Ohms Too High"?

    1. Normal circumstance: 
     The coil resistance is less than 0.1 ohm or more than 3.0 ohm

    2. Abnormal circumstance: 
     If the warning still exists while coil resistance is reasonable, it may be caused by the following reasons:
     1.The resistance detection component is broken.
     2.The components of the product are short-circuited.
     3. Screws are not tight.

    You could try the following methods to recover:

     1. Please take off the tank/pod and click the fire button, and then put the tank/pod back on the mod.
     2. Please make sure the screws are tight on the tank if you use the RBA coil on your mod. 
     3. Please try other tanks or coils on your mod, and try the same tank on other mods to check whether they work fine.  

  • LED Light Blinking Problem

    1. Normal circumstance: 
    Low battery:Red indicator light will flash 10 times.
    Check atomizer:The indicator light will flash red once.
    Time out:The indicator light will flash red 8 times.
    TEMP high:The indicator light will flash red 15 times.

    2. Abnormal circumstance: 
    If the LED light keeps blinking or lighting, then it should be malfunction, please kindly contact us by emails.

  • Error on Reading Resistance

    Sometimes your MOD might not read the resistance correctly. The resistance may display a little higher or lower on the screen. This issue may be caused by the following factors:
    • The resistance detection component might be broken.
    • The 510 connector might be loose.
    • The tank doesn't work fine.

    Suggestions & Solutions

    • Please use another tank to work with the MOD and make sure the tank are working fine.
    • Please make sure the 510 connector are tight.

  • Can Not Upgrade

    1.Make sure the cable is original and the system of your computer is Windows.
    2.Try the type-c cable with both the upside and downside more times.
    3.Make sure the battery of your device is over 60%.

  • How to contact us efficiently ?

    There are several departments who carry out their duties. If you want to get more efficient services from Voopoo, please kindly read the following guidance:
    1.If you would like to cooperate with us and become a distributor, and wholesale request, please contact .
    2.If you would like to cooperate with us in social media platform, assessment activities, advertising, affiliate marketing, promotion, lucky draw or media interview, please contact .
    3.If you would like to get warranty service, please kindly contact
    4.If you would like to consult us about products’ information, software update issue and so on, please go to livechat on our website:


Warranty Period

Within 90 days from the date of purchase shown on your invoice, or from the date of production if no invoice for reference.
Atomizer/atomizer coil/Drip are consumable products what are not within the scope of warranty once it is depleted. If there is quality issue when receiving the goods, please return without filling oil.
Artificial damage and problems caused by misuse are not covered by warranty.
Any hardware cracking, modification is at your own risk, it will void warranty.
After-sales Service
Please visit FAQ page for self-service to solve your problem quickly .
If your problem is not listed in FAQ or it is not resolved after you operated as FAQ guidance, please send emails to to seek help from VOOPOO after-sales service team with the following information:

  • Copy of purchase proof or receipt, which must include the purchase date.
  • Photos of the Serial Number and the Security Code.
  • Videos or photos to clearly show the problem of your device.

Shipping Fee:
If your item is within warranty, the shipping cost of the replacement will be covered by us.
If your item is not within warranty, you will cover all the costs of the shipping and repairing fee.


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