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VOOPOO Europe Warehouse

VOOPOO Europe warehouse


After several months of hard work, The business coverage area of VOOPOO official store will expand again——Europe Warehouse   🇩🇪 🇩🇪 

In order to give VOOPOO users a better experience, We will start the Europe warehouse service in August 2023.🍾🥂🎉

The working mode of the new overseas warehouse is the same as that of the Germans, rigorous and efficient!

(1) Automated process

(2) Professionals handle orders

(3)Delivered within 1-5 days.

Great shopping experience right?

How to place an order in Germany warehouse?

For example, you want to purchase VOOPOO new drag series:  DRAG M100SDRAG H40

Select the color you want, then click on Warehouse (to the right of the product) and select Warehouse ---Europe (in Germany)

Then it will show "ADD TO CART" and "BUY IT NOW"


📢📢 Important Note:Please fill in the complete address: country, state, street, apartment name, house number, etc., in order to accurately deliver the goods to you.

German warehouses will stock VOOPOO's hottest new products🔥: DRAG M100SDRAG 4ARGUS P1ARGUS GT Ⅱ 

If you have favorite products/suggestions, please also contact our service mailbox:service@voopoo.com

Available countries as following:

Countries: Carrier & Shipping time
Poland: GLS/DHL 1-3 working days
Germany: DHL 1-3 working days
France: DHL 3-5 working days
Italy: DHL 3-5 working days
SpainDHL 3-5 working days
AustriaDHL 3-5 working days
BelgiumDHL 3-5 working days
BulgariaDHL 3-5 working days
CroatiaDHL 3-5 working days
Czech RepublicDHL 3-5 working days
DenmarkDHL 3-5 working days
EstoniaDHL 3-5 working days
FinlandDHL 3-5 working days
GreeceDHL 3-5 working days
HungaryDHL 3-5 working days
IrelandDHL 3-5 working days
LatviaDHL 3-5 working days
Lithuania: DHL 3-5 working days
Luxembourg: DHL 3-5 working days
Netherlands: DHL 3-5 working days
Portugal: DHL 3-5 working kdays
Romania: DHL 3-5 working days
Slovakia: DHL 3-5 working days
Slovenia: DHL 3-5 working days
Sweden: DHL 3-5 working days

More products will be updated to Europe overseas warehouse one after another.

Please stay tuned for VOOPOO's consisting growth.❤️❤️

We're trying to cover more countries in the future to provide our valued customers with better shipping service.

Thanks for reading and wish you a nice vaping journey with VOOPOO!

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