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VOOPOO flagship store was successfully established in the United States overseas warehouse in late February 2023.

New Year, New VOOPOO Shop ! 🎉🎉

Our overseas warehouse is located in the Texas warehouse of the United States,covering an area of 3000 square meters. Currently, more than 200 products have been put on the shelves. You can place your order immediately and ship quickly.

USPS Tracking time: taking about 2-7 working days for delivery.


How to place an order in US warehouse?
Such as ,You want to purchase VOOPOO new drag series :  DRAG 4
Select the color you want, then click on Warehouse (to the right of the product) and select Warehouse US.
PS: If "US" is grey, it means that the overseas warehouse is temporarily out of goods.  We are trying to replenish the goods.

📢📢 Important Note:Please fill in the complete address: country, state, street, apartment name, house number, etc., in order to accurately deliver the goods to you.

Overseas warehouse will continue to update VOOPOO's hottest🔥 new products: ARGUS P1ARGUS GT ⅡVMATE EDRAG 4.

Stay tuned for VOOPOO's growth.

Overseas warehouses are currently limited to customers in the United States.  But for custmers in other countries and regions, we can only send the item to you from our CN warehouse, located in Shenzhen, China.

We're trying to cover more countries in the future to provide our valued customers with better shipping service.

Thanks for reading and wish you a nice experience with VOOPOO!


    I would like an update on the order below please: Order SP28244

    Stephen Stone

    Hi Canuck, I’m sorry that I don’t find a direct way to reply to you. Yes, we can transport from the United States to Canada, but it will take a lot of time and money to clear customs. Actually, it only takes 10 days at least to send the package to you from Chinese warehouse. Generally, it takes about 10-20 calendar days from the order confirmation to the receipt of your package. Best regards,


    Hi Thomas, I’m sorry that I don’t find a direct way to reply to you. Yes, I see you chose the option of CN warehouse, which means that we would send the item to you from our warehouse in China. However, please don’t worry. It takes about 2-3 weeks to deliver to you then. For further information, please contact our support team via We will get back to you soon. Best regards,


    Is Canada considered ‘overseas’, meaning I can’t order from the Texas warehouse and have it shipped to my residence in Canada ? What about if I order and have it shipped to a shipping/receiving company I deal with just across the line in the US ?? It has a US postal address and ZIP code….

    Canuck Mike

    Hello I just realized my order could ship from the U.S. I made the purchase Thursday. Here is my ORDER SP25171

    Thomas Farmer
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